American Restaurant Association Inc. Food Commodity Economics from Farm to Plate.

American Restaurant Association Inc. is a procurement resource organization that assists food service companies in purchasing and profit management. These programs include the Weekly Commodity Report- current and concise market information from beef to ketchup, The Food Commmodity Outlook Report- food commodity forecasting for the upcoming year, Food Commodity Forecasting, Consulting and Risk Management, and The Supply and Market Processed Fruit and Vegetable Report- up to date comprehensive market pricing and information in the canned/ frozen fruit and vegetable markets.

American Restaurant Association’s principle publication is the Weekly Commodity Report. The Weekly Commodity Report is designed to provide you with market pricing and information in the produce, canned tomato, processed fruit/vegetable, paper/plastic product, seafood, beef, poultry, coffee, sugar, pork, dairy, oil, rice and lamb markets on a weekly basis. Every Thursday, the Weekly Commodity Report is emailed, faxed or mailed directly to your office. Prior notice of rising or decreasing costs and how market trends affect food quality is provided to aid you and your staff in food purchasing and menu planning. To view a free copy click here.

WeeklyCommodityReport.com is a subscription service that enables you to create historical food commodity pricing charts, view the current and back issues of the Weekly Commodity Report, and create your own commodity report.